The wedding day is the most important day in a woman’s life, she is the person on focus on that special day, and it’s her day. Hence, she needs that look and costume that draws wonder inspiring looks and glimpse from all the people who come to laud her.

Pre Bridal Beauty Treatments:

1. Full Body Waxing:

Waxing provide that you get hair-free smooth body. Go for a waxing term at least a week before of your wedding. This will help your skin to get clear of the extra-passion by the time you get married. Moreover, if you have many areas of your skin to be waxed, try not to get it all done on the very same day. Say, one day you keep for achieving hair-free arms and legs. Do not forget to treat your skin with extra care after waxing.

2. Threading: Eyebrow shaping and Facial hair removal:


Threading has now almost become a prerequisite. Whether it is an moment as special as your wedding or the everyday affairs, you need to get your eye-brows shaped nicely. Threading is the most generally known treatment to get shapely eyebrows. Normally, you should try to go for threading sometime between 2 to 4 days before of your wedding.

3. Bridal Facial: According to your skin type


Getting a shiny body bare hair is not the only key to being good-looking. Getting a flawless, glowing and shinning skin is very vital. The face is the mirror of the mind and your face should originate the elegance of your mind. Go for regular facials and Bridal Makeover for at least six months prior to your wedding.

4. Body Massage: Relaxing Bridal Spa

With all that pre-wedding stress around you this is just what you need to shed off all the collapse and stress. A relaxed mind consequently brings out the best in your skin. Where body massage breakthrough blood circulation and nourishes the skin, it should not necessarily be done at a spa each time.

5. Pedicure and Manicure: For that Bridal


It is pointless to mention the importance of giving special attention to the Skin, hands and feet when you are a bride no matter how much you ignored them all these years. Regular Skincare, Manicure and Pedicure sessions at an interval of 15 days would surely keep your hands and feet beautifully soft and nails healthy.

6. Teeth Whitening: For beautiful Wedding Photographs

A smile goes a long way. That’s what you do the most on your wedding day. A single term of teeth whitening at the dentist’s clinic will add that dazzle to your smile like never before.

7. Hair Treatments: Straightening or Smoothening


In order to avoid split ends, regular trimming is important. Deep conditioning treatments also help to ensure healthy hair. If your hair is gruff, dry, frizzy and so uncontrollable that you are never happy with it then hair smoothening or straightening are the options worth considering.

8. Body Polishing: Exfoliation and Tan Removal:

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Exfoliation is the key to revealing smooth skin. Body polishing treatment ensures that your body is thoroughly scrubbed and hydrated so that your skin looks young and beautiful

9. Hair coloring: For those bridal locks

A bride’s beauty lies in her freshness and youth. Hence, never take a chance as far as your grey hairs are concerned. Many young women get unwanted grey hair. It is desired that you don’t sport grey hair as a bride. Get your hair colored in lovely shades of glowing, brown or black.

10. Hair Spa: Head Massage, Deep Conditioning, Blow Dry, Styling

Hair spa would help you get soft and silky hair. Opt for regular hair spas before your wedding so that your manes look absolutely dazzling on this important day of your life.